A Quest for Love takes her to the land of a billion people(plus one fake prince and maybe her true love)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Location: India (Rajasthan)
Screenwriter: Vekeana Dhillon
Production Partner: Eyeline Entertainment
Story Synopsis: A pampered American celebrity heiress has it all: fame,fortune, romantic suitors aplenty, and everything else her heart desire.Except one thing - she can't find true love amongst all those pursuing bachelors. Until one day, at her BFF's Indian wedding in LA, she sits next to a Fortune Teller who reveals that her true romantic destiny is a dashing IndianPrince she loved in a former life. Chaperoned by her best friend's brotherwho came to the wedding from Mumbai, she is off to India to search for her"One in a Billion". Her travels in fact lead her to a dashing Prince, but also toa surprisingly different romance and destiny.