A Rebellious Teen Learns that Dance Lessons are Life Lessons

Story Synopsis: Reva is a 17 year old girl of Indian origin who lives with her mother, Rashmi, in London. She is impulsive, outrageous and stubborn and certainly looks the part with her Goth-like appearance. She sports several tattoos, piercings, a shock of green hair and loves the youthful, rock culture of London which she is totally consumed by. After a heart-breaking divorce and a job opportunity in India, the mother daughter duo are forced to move back to their home country. This turns Reva’s life upside down. She initially rebels against the idea but ultimately gives in. She now has to adjust living in an orthodox society which is constantly judging her for her appearance and mannerisms. Out of boredom, frustration and curiosity, she begins going for Bharatanatyam classes, a dance form that her deceased and dearly loved grandmother had taught her as a child. This is her only connection to India and in memory of her grandmother, she decides to give it a shot. Reva manages to shock everyone at the class not just in terms of her appearance, but also in terms of her dancing skills.

Reva then makes friends, understands this new culture and tries to make it her own. In the process she faces criticisms, completion, and pressure, and starts looking at life from a new perspective, with the help of her friends who are very different from her. Rashmi has her own set of struggles, being judged as a single mother to an outrageous daughter. Slowly but steadily this mother daughter relationship mends and a surprise return of Reva’s father Cyrus, brings the family together again. At the heart it’s a mother daughter story of acceptance, and discovery.

LEAD ROLE: Lotus and Toabh Client RIA NALAVADE

Other Possible Toabh Casting: Several supporting and minor role