• It’s summertime in LA, and monsoons in Mumbai. Rain or shine, it’s been a productive period for Lotus.
  • We are pleased to announce our second feature film bringing “Hollywood to India”, titled Lost & Found in Goa, has been green-lit. This is a fast-paced drama and thriller spanning two generations and two continents; a long-broken bond between Mother and Daughter - both artists - is renewed in an astonishing way and in an astonishing place... Goa, India.
  • For this project, Lotus will be co-producing with Prashant Shah and his company, Bollywood Hollywood Productions. As the name of his company suggests, Prashant is one of the leading filmmakers in the crossover space between these two industries. He and BHP have worked on some of the most important films in recent memory, including Indian futuristic, sci-fi blockbuster Ra.One starring the “King of Bollywood” Shah Rukh Khan and superstar Kareena Kapoor, as well as SRK’s release, My Name is Khan co-starring Kajol. BHP is set to release its newest film, Jungle Cry, shot in India and London and featuring Bollywood actor Abhay Deol.

Please click on the link, LOTUS FILM SLATE, IN PRODUCTION to see more about this film.