• Lotus has been busy in both Mumbai and Los Angeles. Company executive Peter Ziebert was in Mumbai in May and June and returned to LA in July.
  • The Company added two films to its development slate. Both happen to feature Lotus clients in lead roles, and both happen to have a London backdrop to a provocative, dramatic Indian story.
  • Dance of a Thousand Steps features client Ria Nalavade in a script she authored.
  • A rebellious teen from London learns that Dance Lessons are Life Lessons ... and re-discovers her Indian roots in the process. The film is a coming of age story about a girl, Reva, who is caught between Eastern and Western values, traditional versus modern perspectives and conservative versus progressive ideals.
  • Reva, forced to move to South India with her single Mom Rashmi, a lawyer, turns to Bharatanatyam dancing - The Dance of the Gods - to find happiness and fulfillment, and in so doing remains connected to her dearly departed Grandmother who taught her the dance form since she was a little girl.

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  • On My Terms features newest Lotus client Richa Sinha.
  • A remarkable story about a remarkable woman named Chandni who leads a most remarkable life.
  • A rags to riches tale about an actress from India who moves to Mumbai to follow her dream. Disillusioned and broke after failing to land any roles, she impulsively decides to travel to London to pursue an opportunity. There she makes a fateful decision, borne of total desperation - which results in her living a secretive life that she never ever would have imagined for herself. A life that now brings her financial fortune but at great personal expense.
  • A tale of women's empowerment the new-fashioned way...

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