Richa was born in Lucknow, India. She began her professional career by mod┬Čeling and competing in pageants in India.

Among her pageant victories were World Supermodel South Asia, 2018 held in India, and also the title of Beyond Beauty in India, which she won as a result of raising the highest funds for cancer patients. More recently, Richa was the Second Runner Up for World Supermodel 2018, representing Indiain the pageant in Fiji.

Richa is an experienced and sought-after model who has shot throughout India in ad and print campaigns for India's top corporate brands and design┬Čers including Jabong and Myntra (India's leading online fashion e-commerce stores), and Hewlitt Packard. She has been featured in numerous editorials and magazines.

Her international modeling portfolio includes shoots in Asia (Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore), and the Middle East (Doha, Qatar and Dubai). With proven success in pageants and modeling, Richa is now focusing on her acting career.

Her acting credits include: The Knot, a 2017 short film shot in Mumbai where Richa played the lead character in a drama about the perils of relationships and romance among young urban couples. Richa is also the lead in an upcoming feature film, My Body, My Terms, the remarkable story of a remarkable woman named Chandni, who lives a remarkable life.

Manager Peter Ziebert on Richa

I met Richa as she auditioned for the lead role in the upcoming film project On My Terms. The story's heroine is a study in contras, at once a purposeful, simple, well-raised young woman named Chandni who has a warm heart and pure soul, but also a Lolita-esque sensuality and innocence. Richa is perfect for this role, blessed with the physical traits required but also possessing a similarpersona as Chandni. Richa, prior success as a model and international pageant winner shows that her work ethic, determination and laser-like focus leads to professional success; IM confident her acting career will enjoy the same upward trajectory in the months and years to come.