Mia Maelzer is a Mumbai-based actress of Bengali and Nepali descent. She has featured in several films including Target Kolkata (2013), A Night Long Nirvana (2014) and Tiktok Tiktok (2016).

Her most recent short film, The Field, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2018 and also the Sundance Film Festival in 2019.

Mia is also an experienced in theatre, having performed in numerous productions in Mumbai and throughout India.

Manager Peter Ziebert on Mia

Mia is the only client I have yet to meet in person but she comes recommended by a LA-based director friend we know in common who has shot in Nepal and Himalayan India. From our many conversations, I can honestly say Mia has an artistic purity and creative core that is unsurpassed. Her passion for the arts, literature, dance, opera, music and of course film coalesces from various perspectives including academic and historical, tracing the roots of these art forms to their purest original essence. There are few if any actresses that can hold their own within the walls of academia and yet dazzle on the red carpet and so Mia is unique in this respect as she blazes her own trail.