Who We Are


Lotus Entertainment Group is a film production and talent management company based in Los Angeles. Its managing director is Peter Ziebert, an entertainment lawyer. The Company's expertise is in international "crossover" projects that bring forward key creative, production and financing elements from the U.S./Hollywood and India/Bollywood, the two most important and influential film industries in the world. The Company is uniquely positioned through its strategic networks in both industries to launch commercially viable, cost-effective productions with maximum on-screen production value.



Peter Ziebert is an attorney, business consultant and legal adviser. In his 25-year career, he has traveled the globe providing counsel, advise and expertise on a wide range of international projects on different continents and diverse business sectors.

Mr. Ziebert began his career as an attorney in Washington DC, working for two different preeminent international law firms, as well as the US Congress and the federal government. During his 15-year career in Washington, Mr. Ziebert forged strong relationships within Washington’s diplomatic corps and Embassies to expand his strategic network onto a global platform in the worlds of finance, government relations and arts/culture/entertainment.

He developed additional expertise in corporate administration and organizational contract compliance; due diligence and audit reviews; and implementation of “best practices” and ethical standards for corporate clients. He represented multiple companies in matters before the U.S. Congress (both Senate and House of Representatives) on diverse issues ranging from budgetary matters to public diplomacy; met with Senators, Congressman and top staff.

Mr. Ziebert has significant experience in project finance, business consulting and legal advisory services for large scale projects around the world structured as public/private partnerships, in sectors such as Energy/Power Plants; Logistics/Infrastructure and Commodity Mining In this capacity, he developed extensive global network of professional contacts including project principals, financiers government officials; as well as diplomacy (U.S. Department of State and numerous embassies in Washington DC).

In fact, his first trip to India in 1996 was at the courtesy of the then-Ambassador of the US Ambassador to India. Mr. Ziebert made 6 trips to India during this period where he worked out of Washington and New Delhi on various trade and commercial transactions between the two countries. These visits provided him with some initial well-respected contacts in the Indian entertainment industry.

His career vaulted him to exceptional opportunities in sectors as diverse as renewable energy, where, for example, he served as Project Manager in the development of a $5 billion energy hub in Croatia, and also successfully closed numerous commodity deals for the sale/purchase of gold and other precious metals in transactions that were frequently valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

As Founder and owner of Lotus Global Advisors, Mr. Ziebert provides consulting and legal advisory firm that facilitates project financing for large scale infrastructure projects around the world; conducts liaison with financing partners; establishes public/private partnerships for developmental, administrative and operational aspects of each venture; arranges consortium and venture partners for maximum success in each project

Company activities are in the following sectors: financing design/build and operating green energy/power plants, infrastructure (port modernization and expansion), Commodity Mining, oil & gas exploration, and other sectors

Projects are located in numerous countries globally, where the Company maintains key strategic contacts with Government officials and private sector executives such as India and Croatia.



Scott Frank is an Emmy-award winning television and motion picture with 25 years in the entertainment world. He began working alongside Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner as a cameraman for the world-renowned CBS magazine program, 60 Minutes. Mr. Frank created and produced the Emmy-award winning Picture Windows series for Showtime, where he worked with renowned directors such as Norman Jewison, Peter Bogdanovich and, John Boorman.

Mr. Frank was the Supervising Producer for 14 hours of documentary television on the PBS series, Phenomenon. He earned an Emmy nomination for writing the CBS program, When I Grow Up. He was also the Supervising Producer for an anthology series based upon the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Mr. Frank has produced documentaries in some of the most remote and troubled corners of the earth.

Throughout his career he has demonstrated every skill and discipline in filmmaking; screenwriting, financing, producing, directing, lighting, editing and business negotiations.