One fateful life, one remarkable journey, . . . Surviving the horrors of World War II and then Partition

Genre: Historical Drama / Epic (adapted from book by the same name)
Location: India (Punjab, West Bengal) and Thailand or Vietnam
Screenwriter: TBD
Story Synopsis: Devi Lal, a highly regarded physician, lives a charmed life with his daughter and her two young (half - Indian, half - Irish) children in Mandalay, Burma, when WWII breaks out and the Japanese invade Burma. While their estate burns, the family escapes on foot across the mountains into India with hopes of beginning anew. But soon they are caught in the throes of the blood bath of India's Partition. Caught in the struggles of India's division with Pakistan the family is thrown into chaos and most meet their death. However, Devi Lal's beautiful young granddaughter (Mandalay's Child) survives and is taken to England by the Nuns from her school. There she is befriended by a young survivor of Auschwitz.

From the annals of man's tragic inhumanity against man comes this saga which traverses the depths of human suffering, only to pay eloquent tribute to the ultimate indomitable depth of the human spirit. Together this young couple vows to make a positive difference in a troubled world.