On My Terms

Inside her is the story of an Empowered Woman

Genre: Drama

Locations: London and Mumbai

Story Synopsis: A Rags to Riches tale of a young actress in India named Chandni, who does what every beautiful, talented village girl in India does . . . move to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of being a famous and glamorous movie star. But the harsh reality sets in – Chandni is unable to crack into the industry. With her dreams of becoming a movie star dashed day by day, and in dire and desperate times, she decides to go to London courtesy of a friend for a lingerie shoot. While there, things again turn drastically sour and she makes a life-transforming decision: to enter into the world of adult films.

An exotic Lolita, she possesses ravishing looks but also innocence not customarily seen in this sordid world. She rockets to superstardom, mostly due to Dwight, the film director who launches her. They begin a romance which starts happily but turns dire when she is surrounded by desirous men everywhere she goes, catapulting him into jealous and abusive fits of rage.

Again desperate - but now wealthier - she returns to conservative India, only to find the same treatment – men hounding he at every step, invading her privacy and spacer, and also now, women glaring at her in contempt. She becomes a recluse, living in a luxurious bungalow in the hills of Mumbai.

Months later – with Chandni finally out of the spotlight but with boredom setting in – she receives an email from Raj, one of India’s most respected journalists. His clever, kind and charming demeanor always lands him the prized interviews with A-listers. Their correspondence results in Raj coming to her bungalow, and their interaction leads to a blossoming romance. Chandni now attempts to return to society after the article makes headlines. But she is confronted by the same forces: Desire and Contempt, Contempt and Desire. Which forces Raj to confront the same demons as Dwight. Can their relationship survive? Or will Chandni stand alone?

The remarkable story of a remarkable woman living a remarkable life