13th century warrior princess. Time traveling Sufi mystic.
Living in the most cataclysmic times the world has ever known

Genre: Action/ Adventure, Epic-Scale Historical Drama
Location: India (Rajasthan and Ladakh)
Producers: Scott J.T. Frank and Peter Ziebert
Writer: Scott J.T. Frank
Story Synopsis: Set in the cataclysmic 13th century during the brutal incursion o Genghis Khan’s Mongol Army, a young woman must lead her tribal clan to the mystical City of Kashan following the untimely death of the clan’s leader - her father. Although young in years, she is a time-traveling Sufi Mystic, providing her with boundless strength and guile The goal - to reunite their clanpeople at the Gates of Enlightenment. When they arrive, they find a shocking reality about Kashan and the theocratic fundamentalist boy ruler who leads them. Through a most unexpected love story, she is able to unite the city and overcome mankind’s darkest and most intolerant side.