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Mark, a superstar actor in Hollywood ventures to India’s Himalayas for a film shoot after his latest release is a flop. There he meets a young village boy and his soulful older sister an learns
the fundamental Truth that ... All the World’s A Stage (unless you’re Buddhist).

Genre: Comedy/ Love Story
Location: India/ Nepal
Director: Pema Gakyil
Screenwriter: Pema Gakyil
Producer: Peter Ziebert
Production Partner: Clear Mirror Pictures
Story Synopsis: MARK, a mega star American actor has it all" - but is being brought down by the narcissism of life in LA. After his latest film is a flop, and jilted by his rising star actress girlfriend, He decides on a whim to accept a film ole being shot in the Himalayas. There 3 lives collide: he meets a precocious but mischievous 12 year-old boy who is the village's most notorious prankster- even as he is about to be appointed a Lama, an enlightened teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. He then falls for the boy's beautiful, soulful older sister, whose sole focus has been to care for her brother since their parents untimely death at the hands of rebels. The 3 characters have life-transforming experiences in the most grandiose spot on earth.