What happens when a guy who hates kids .. . loves a woman who loves kids.
Three worlds collide in this charming and endearing romantic comedy between the unlikeliest of lovers,
set against an exotic backdrop – with children here, there, everywhere.

Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Location: India (Goa), South Africa
Producers: Scott J.T. Frank and Peter Ziebert
Writer: Scott J.T. Frank
Story Synopsis: Meet BUSTER, A mid/late 30s California man, a loner, proud to be a stoner, also a confirmed bachelor living a carefree and indulgent life void of any meaning or purpose. He’d be considered a wacko, a hippie or other unsavory term except . . . he’s made millions donning a wet suit and fetching golf balls from golf course water hazards and selling them on Amazon and E-bay. But his life is turned upside down when his accountant notifies him that the IRS is on his tail for unpaid taxes. He is urged to go far away, to escape the clutches of the feds.

Fortunately for Buster, he meets MAZZI, an eccentric Indian tycoon around this time. They seem destined to be BFFs because for one thing, they drive matching Ferraris. Upon learning of Buster’s predicament, Amit presents him with a most fortuitous proposition: to come to India (on his private jet no less) and to ply his trade on golf courses he owns in Goa. Buster immediately accepts the invitation and off he goes.

Soon thereafter, he is injured in a freak accident involving a hippopotamus – one of Mazzi's exotic “pets” who lives in a water hazard on one of Mazzi's course in a remote area of Goa. Buster is rushed to the only nearby hospital - a children’s hospital. Which is unfortunate for Buster because he hates kids.

Buster’s misery and despondent mood is slightly lifted by ANU, a beautiful nurse who is everything he is not: caring, compassionate, empathetic, grounded. Her life is the very kids – some of whom have terminal illnesses – that Buster cannot tolerate.

One of the children – GANESH – takes a liking to this miserable American man and slowly, a friendship is borne. At the start, who can say whether Buster is sincerely changing for the better – or trying to impress Anu, who already has seen enough of Buster’s antics and has spurned his initial boorish advances.

Slowly, the friendship with Jackson develops, and Buster begins interacting with all the kids. And now, his quirky, offbeat, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mannerisms and humor become an asset. And all this happens under Anu’s watchful eye.

Meanwhile, Mazzi is proving not to be the lifesaver he was to Buster, but rather, a nefarious man who sees Buster’s mishap and initial animus to kids and his endless complaints as a perfect circumstance to close the hospital so he can build luxury housing instead.

So, when the shocking announcement comes that the hospital is being closed, Anu and Buster realize they need to reconnect with Ganesh's mother MITHILA, to reunite mother and son. But this encounter turns out to be nothing like they expected. Mithila lives in a migrant camp. In horrific conditions. Soulful Anu is at her best in such moments, but this certainly is not Buster’s tableau. Yet the better man in him is awakening, and they have a transformative experience there that brings the three of them closer than ever before.

His life is transformed as he falls in love with a beautiful nurse, who teaches him about love - and loving children.