There’s blood in the water . . . and love in the air
as two marine scientists - Celia from America and Hiro from India - discover that
the barbaric practice of shark finning is killing sharks off Goa’s coast

Genre: Suspense/ Thriller
Location: Los Angeles and Goa
Screenwriter: Si Dunn, Rob Walker
Story Synopsis: CELIA DE LARA, early 30s, half Indian, half-Portuguese, is a renowned Marine Scientist and shark expert living in Los Angeles. She is a rising force on the world stage in this specialty, already a speaker at some of the most prestigious conferences all over the world. She travels to Goa, India where she is keynote speaker at yet another marine sciences conference. But this conference has special meaning for her even though it’s not the largest or most prestigious conference: it marks her return to Goa after 25 years - where she was born and lived until she was 6 years old.

At the conference, she surprisingly meets her childhood friend HIRO NORANDHO, mid/late 30s, a man seemingly borne of the sea. He is a marine biologist and retired, decorated Navy Officer. While their reunion is naturally joyful, there is an immediate cause for concern – dead shark carcasses are washing up on Goa’s beaches with their dorsal fins brutally cut off. Confirming that “shark pirates” are plying their barbaric trade in Goan waters to feed an insatiable black market for shark fins and other body parts.

Upon her arrival in Goa, Celia also meets ANANYA GUPTA, early 40s, publisher of a nature sciences magazine. They share their passion for the sea and the protection of marine life. The conference is sponsored by Sharma Maritime, a Foundation run by SAMEER SHARMA, 50s, a prominent Goan businessman who is at once both charming but also mysterious and evasive. At the conference, the other speaker of note is TIAGO DE SILVA, late 30s, also a man of mystery who seems deeply secretive. His research seems poised to be a scientific breakthrough - it suggests that sharks – normally thought of as solitary predators – may actually congregate in certain locations at certain times. While the reasons for this behavior are not yet known, it places Tiago at the cusp of a watershed scientific moment. But Celia wonders about his intentions, since these findings can spell doom for the shark species and the black market hell-bent on finding - and killing - sharks. And the carcasses washed up ashore seem to confirm her worst suspicions.

As Celia and Hiro close in on the pirates, they do not know that they have been marked for death by Sharma and his willing accomplice Tiago, both of whom are taking generous bribes from SATO, the captain of the PACIFIC DRAGON - the shark boat trolling off Goa’s coast - in exchange for inside information about Coast Guard surveillance movements. Celia, Hiro and Ananya begin to uncover that these ambitious mercenaries are plotting their next phase – a massive, well-funded international syndicate to ramp up “production”.

A suspenseful, harrowing tale on the open seas and along Goa’s beach paradise, it is a story filled with greed, corruption – and a newfound love between the story’s protagonists who are deeply drawn to each other as danger lurks around them from all sides.