Line of Control

A brazen kidnapping in the most beautiful and dangerous place on Earth.
Two top counter terrorism officials – David from America, Sonia from India must join forces
as the clock ticks . . .

Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller
Location: Northern India / Srinagar; Rajasthan and Mumbai
Director: Gary Fleder
Writer: Ben Dubash
Story: The daughter of a US Senator and Presidential candidate is kidnapped in Srinagar while working for the Red Cross.. A US counter-terrorism specialist, DAVID, is sent to India to investigate and negotiate ransom with the kidnappers. He is paired with SONIA, India's leading CID counter-terrorism officer. The duo must work frenetically to save the daughter - who is targeted because her mother is the sponsor of pending legislation designed to curb arms sales to prohibited groups and nations.

As the clock ticks - and with pressure on the Senator to drop the bill she is proposing - David and Sonia discover a shocking truth about who is actually behind the kidnapping in the first place