Lost in Goa

The bond between Mother and Daughter can never be broken . . .
In Life and in Death

Genre: Action / Adventure, Drama
Location: India (Goa)
Writer: Camille Solari
Story Synopsis: RITA, an early 20s artist living in California is haunted by the death of AMRITA, her Indian mother who died giving birth to her. She and her father, GRAHAM, a renowned artist himself, have always had a strained relationship due to the fact he fled Goa after the death, leaving Rita for adoption until he returned seven years later to claim her. One day, over Graham’s objection, Rita impulsively leaves for Goa to uncover whatever clues and secrets lie in store about her Mother’s life there as an art student decades ago. In Goa, she meets VICTOR, a renowned gallery owner who was her Mother’s mentor and - as Rita soon discovers - her former lover as well. Through Victor, Rita meets CHARLES, a young British man who chaperones her around Goa. As their bond grows, they spend days together in her search for the truth, and nights indulging in Goa’s famous beachside psychedelic dance and rave scene. As this romance unfolds, Rita uncovers shocking truths about her Mother’s life there with both Victor and Graham - and learns which of the two killed her Mother