#Me Too Meets Aarey

Two "#Me Too" incidents trigger a collision of two worlds,
unleashing vengeful spirits from deep within Aarey's forests.

Format: Web Series, 10 episodes
Genre: Crime, Supernatural
Director: Arunaraje, 5 times National Award Winning Director
DOP: Barun Mukherjee
Cast: National Award Winning Best Actress and Lotus client Usha Jadhav; Lotus client Zarine Manchanda
Story Synopsis: A suspenseful story shot in Aarey Colony, one of Mumbai's greenest and most beautiful locations, which is also known as one of Mumbai's most haunted locations. The story centers on four characters: ZARA, an actress who experiences the recent trauma of an unwanted "casting couch" experience with a famous director; Zara's boyfriend SAMEER, a rising star actor in Bollywood, and Sam's younger sister SONIA, a university student who experiences a similar encounter at the hands of a professor. Their lives intersect with the haunted spirit of BHAVANI, a tribal woman who fought to protect tribal lands in Aarey from encroaching commercial development, but who was raped and murdered in a campaign of greed, corruption and intimidation. These two worlds collide in mysterious and foreboding ways.