From a cage to a Globetrotting Celebrity . . .
(And it all started with the world’s first known kidnapping of a pig)

Genre: Comedy, Part Animation
Location: Europe (Italy or Croatia) and India (Agra and other locations)
Producer: Peter Ziebert
Screenwriter: Kyra Pahlen
Story Synopsis: John, a successful mega-star actor is staying in a luxurious villa in Italy during one of his film shoots. He has it all: a long line of sultry girlfriends, a loyal and efficient personal assistant and a high society life-style. But he loves one thing above all: his pet piglet. A group of village misfits decide to kidnap the piglet to share a large ransom and conspire with the latest jilted girlfriend to do so. But the piglet escapes his captors and discovers life as he globe-trots and becomes a worldwide celebrity. John is forlorn as he unsuccessfully attempts to get his Piglet back. It's a happy ending with John and the piglet reuniting, each finding true love with a soulmate, and even the misfits finding a home.