Tiger Heart

When a ”Tiger Whisperer” meets a Tiger Poacher,
all Hell breaks loose in the Heavenly Himalayas

Genre: Action/Adventure
Location: India (Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Mumbai)
Story Synopsis: DR. DANIEL TATE, American conservationist and protector of the Great Bengal Tiger, arrives in India to resolve a sudden disturbing decrease in Tiger reserve populations. His partne, CONRAD MINTER, unnerved by the resulting lapse in benefactor support, is counting on Daniel to stop the bleeding and save their foundation. While on this mission, Daniel travels through an isolated Northern halbitat with Nat Geo photographer, GRACE LAMARCO. The two stumble upon and are assailed by nefarious poacher, JACK BEAL, whose mercenary zeal nearly costs them their lives. Brought together by conflict, Grace and Daniel find intimacy but their connection is tested when a clandestine arrangement between Conrad and BEAL is revealed, resulting in Grace's kidnapping. Desperate and betrayed, Daniel bands with the heroic Indian game warden, VIKRAM DAS, to rescue his beloved and stop the murder of the animals to which he has dedicated his life.
Director: Dwight Little
Cast: Scott Eastwood (Daniel:; Andy Garcia (Conrad);; Frank Grillo (Beal) and Jaimie Alexander (Grace)
Production Companies: NY Studios, Lotus Entertainment Group
Producers: Amit Sarin, Vineesha Arora, Peter Ziebert
Screenwriters: Si Dunn, Scott J.T. Frank
Link: www.tigerheartmovie.com

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