Their daughter tragically killed, their marriage shattered, a British man begins an incredible odyssey to the most remote hideaway on Earth to find the man who it is said can reverse time . . .
in order to get his daughter back.

Genre: Drama
Location: London and Ladakh
Screenwriter: Baljinder Gill
Story Synopsis: Joe, a 30-something hedge fund manager living in London has it all: a beautiful wife and daughter, all the trappings of luxury, he's handsome and charming. Until one day when his daughter is tragically killed before his very eyes. With his wife blaming him for the death and his marriage now in tatters, Joe leaves it all behind, quitting his life for one simple quest: to find the man hidden in the most remote sanctuary in the world who can reverse time. This dangerous journey takes him to the highest place on earth - the Himalayas in Nepal, where his fateful meeting at long last occurs. Joe returns to London, and in a most unexpected way, learns that life is a perfect circle, that amidst his boundless grief, he "sees" his daughter again through the eyes of another.